Noted for being among the quickest fish in the water, catching a wahoo is easier said than done. It requires the right technique, skill, and equipment to ensure the trip is worthwhile.

For those eager to test their skill set against this fascinating silver-colored fish, it’s time to focus on Costa Rica and its beautiful coastline. This is one of the most fisherman-friendly nations on the planet and is ideal for catching the wahoo. Even when this fish is speeding around at almost 70 MPH, it’s all about heading to the right spot to catch one for yourself.

Costa Rica is appreciated for offering access to an abundance of these fish from one end to the other. While they are difficult to catch, it’s well worth the effort as they are often used for dishes such as sashimi.

Here’s what makes this such an intriguing catch along Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

Wahoo Fishing In Costa Rica

Wahoo fish caught in Costa Rica

Wahoo fish caught in Costa Rica

This is an offshore, migratory species, which means it’s not easy to catch them unless you time the trip perfectly. For those who are coming to Costa Rica for an adventure of a lifetime, it’s best to head to the nearby sea humps and/or reefs. This is where the wahoo tends to spend time the most as it looks to find the right meal in the water. It’s all about focusing on what can be done to reel them in while outsmarting them. The right angler can make it all happen by finding a spot filled with this type of fish.

It’s important to note, the wahoo is often spotted on its own or in small groups of six. This means a trip out into the water is often only going to yield one fish as it’s challenging to get multiples at the same time.

To maximize your chances, it’s important to head over with one of the local chartered boats while using a wire leader (i.e. billfish). This is more than enough to get them to hook on before getting reeled in.

With a chartered boat in Costa Rica, you are going to have a wonderful time in the water and it’s going to lead to an exceptional experience as you look to use different lures.

Best Time for Wahoo Fishing In Costa Rica

When it comes to wahoo fishing in Costa Rica, it’s best to visit during May and October as this is when they are easier to spot. However, you can catch the wahoo fish at all times of the year as long as you’re patient and looking in the right spots with a chartered boat. In some cases, professional anglers will also head out into the water between January and April because that’s when the billfish is most active in the water. Since the billfish is their meal of choice, the wahoo fish is often nearby, too.

For those who want to catch the wahoo fish, it’s time to book a spot on a chartered boat in Costa Rica right away.